Top 3 Content Management Systems of 2011

My top picks are drupal 7 and joomla! 1.7 and of course, WordPress . All are incorporating the best of each other. 

wordpress logoWordPressits ease-of-use and intuitive dashboard keeps it THE CMS for the blogger.   According to Water&Stone Agency, WordPress still remains champ with the most downloads, most books about it, most freelance jobs, and  GoogleRank.

WordPress 3.0 came out in the summer of 2010 and offered  freat innovative features like: Custom Admin Username and Password, a responsive design/html5 default theme, easy to add Custom Headers, custom post types to the core, advanced menus, unified Updater, WordPress MultiSite (merge of WordPress core and WordPress MU), Simple Login Form and Automatic Security Keys.

With Version 3.3, they have upgraded the interface, tweaked it  with a new Admin Bar, adding  drag-and-drop  advanced media uploader, children themes can now be more easily installed, administrative layout is responsive and comes with jQuery 1.7 & jQuery UI 1.8.16.

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WordCamp Boston Starts!

Finally WordCamp Boston begins on Saturday! Getting up early! This is my first WordCamp and I am seeing what WordPress’s bell and whistles are. Being a newbie, I would like talk to the folks who can get behind the WP engine and make it roar. It’s got a sweet CMS that clients love, but is that enough? Can’t wait to go the workshops to find out.

Here are a few notes from the WordCamp folks:

* If you are parking at the NERD Center- don’t forget 2 cans of food
– You will get FREE Parking for this donation.
* Phone mobilers + sign up at = rewards.
* Get on the the WordCamp twitter list!!!!  If you’re not, email

Registration, 8-9am on Saturday at 1 Memorial Drive for #bestwordcampever!

Friday’s WordCamp Video