WordCamp Boston Starts!

Finally WordCamp Boston begins on Saturday! Getting up early! This is my first WordCamp and I am seeing what WordPress’s bell and whistles are. Being a newbie, I would like talk to the folks who can get behind the WP engine and make it roar. It’s got a sweet CMS that clients love, but is that enough? Can’t wait to go the workshops to find out.

Here are a few notes from the WordCamp folks:

* If you are parking at the NERD Center- don’t forget 2 cans of food
– You will get FREE Parking for this donation.
* Phone mobilers + sign up at foursquare.com = rewards.
* Get on the the WordCamp twitter list!!!!  If you’re not, email wordcampboston@gmail.com.

Registration, 8-9am on Saturday at 1 Memorial Drive for #bestwordcampever!

Friday’s WordCamp Video

Want to know how to create iPhone business card?

The folks at O’Reilly and CreativeTechs.com came together for the first online class – week one- Learn to Build iPhone Web Apps : Build an iPhone Business Card, view the video. There will be 4 more classes.

If you know CSS and html and a bit of javascript – you are good to go. You need to register as a developer at Apple and get the iPhone SDK, iPhone simulator, and Xcode installed. I found it easy to follow the step-by-step instructions in the class and it was a lot of fun. We learned how to create a iPhone business card – I will be working on mine this week (our homework). They give you lots of reference materials, links and tips. I know it is not building an Native iPhone App, but it is still very valuable information for web designers to make sure content is at its optimized for the iPhone.

Learn to build iPhone Webb Apps

Free Online class presented by O

Next week’s online class is Build A Simple Web App. Here is a link for more information about the free class and to register for next week..

This special course is taught by Elisabeth Robson who is coauthor of Head First Design Patterns and Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. She is currently Special Projects Director at O’Reilly where she is developing new brain-friendly learning ideas and products.

Check out their other classes on Indesign, Flash, Photography.