My Work

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Here is a sample of my web work.

Brio Integrated Theatre had a static website that was difficult to update, and was in need of a general design update.

I redesigned their logo and website – develop their site with joomla!.
I created the theme, all the web graphics and CSS, XHTML, javascript coding, plus added 3rd party extensions.
News is pushed to the front and other website pages, a nice Lightbox Slideshow is used for workshop photos, smaller random image slide show on left promotes signing up for the workshops, a javascript fade out slideshow is featured on the homepage, a ‘captcha’ form extension is used, simple email subscription and paypal donation form.

This is a on-going project, and will soon be doing some redesigning in the following year, and adding more video content and language translations.

Brio Integrated Theatre website

Brio Integrated Theatre website

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