WordCamp Boston Starts!

Finally WordCamp Boston begins on Saturday! Getting up early! This is my first WordCamp and I am seeing what WordPress’s bell and whistles are. Being a newbie, I would like talk to the folks who can get behind the WP engine and make it roar. It’s got a sweet CMS that clients love, but is that enough? Can’t wait to go the workshops to find out.

Here are a few notes from the WordCamp folks:

* If you are parking at the NERD Center- don’t forget 2 cans of food
– You will get FREE Parking for this donation.
* Phone mobilers + sign up at foursquare.com = rewards.
* Get on the the WordCamp twitter list!!!!  If you’re not, email wordcampboston@gmail.com.

Registration, 8-9am on Saturday at 1 Memorial Drive for #bestwordcampever!

Friday’s WordCamp Video

WordCamp Boston 2010

I was trying to see what was happening in the Boston area at bugc.com  ( (The Boston-area User Group Calendar). And came upon the upcoming Wordcamp Boston 2010.
WordCamp Boston 2010I know Joomla but have decided to learn both WordPress and Drupal.

WordCamp Boston 2010 is a WordPress conference that will held at the grand Microsoft NERD Center overlooking the Charles River and Boston on January 23, 2010 . It is a pretty cool space that I have been at for refresh boston meetings and the 2009 JQuery conference.

I looked over the schedule and there is something for everyone – whatever your skill level. From wordpress 101, SEO, theming to security tips. There will be 4 tracks: beginners, practical, applied, dev/designers, and unconferences (to be voted on and announced). I signed up immediately – looking at the theming courses and a bit of everything – so I can roll up my sleeves and see what it can do. Plus meeting other conferencees and seeing what they are doing with it and what plugins they are using.
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