Apple – year in review 2011


      The year 2011 was a eventful year, here are some highlights:

    • January: Mac® App Store℠
      opened for business with more than 1,000 free and paid apps. Now there are over 500,000+  applications and over 100 million downloads in 2011.
    • February: Thunderbolt connectivity
      and quad core MacBook Pros
      with improved graphics and a FaceTime HD camera
    • March : iPad2
      33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad, improved graphics and a FaceTime HD camera
    • May: Quad core processors for all iMacs
      with better AMD Radeon HD graphics cards and (1/2)Thunderbolt port(s).
    • iCloudJune: Look up at the sky
      it’s iCloud, the new computing service enables users to effortlessly sync photos, notes and other content to all of their various Apple computers and devices. It is a Hit or Miss?
    • June: Final Cut Pro X
      good or bad – a total redesign and priced for all at $299 (Steve jobs got his wish – to really have a great video editor for the common man). Complete redesign is very cool, but doesn’t  play nice with projects built with older application. Pros not pleased with older features being omitted in new version.
    • June: Time Capsule updated
      able to get more memory for our buck, since they replaced the 1TB with the 2TB for the same price.
    • July: Lion released
      – OS X 10.7, 1 million was downloaded the day of release!
    • summer: Mac mini lost its optical drive, but gained some better processors (i5 and i7), Macbook airs got the same processors plus a backlit keyboard.
    • new Apple iphones white and blackOctober: Apple iPhone 4S
      black or white, with a faster processor, an improved camera with a five-element lens, dual antennas and a powerful virtual assistant named Siri who responded to complex voice commands. More choice of carriers. OK, not the anticipated iPhone 5 but very cool!!!
    • October: new iPod nano
      designed to be easier to use as a watch (complete with 16 different watch faces). Plus equipped with fitness features that enabled the user to time, pace and track the distance of their runs or walks, without needing additional sensors.
    • October: A very sad day – Steve Jobs dies.
      A day I will always remember. He was truly a genius of our time. He said, “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.”What is in store for this year for Apple? iphone 5? Apple TV? The death of the tower? What is your prediction?
  • below is a video from Apple Insider