Boston PHP starts Book Group to learn HTML5

Gene Babon, co-organizer of Boston PHP, is starting a new Book Group to learn HTML5It starts January 1st. This follows his successful Learning PHP Book for the courseand Learning  jQuery self-study groups. The format of this virtual self-study group uses the textbook HTML5 Digital Classroom. How does it work? Each participant commits to read one chapter per week, completes the exercises and posts a link to the completed work. Post your questions to the discussion area set up on the Boston PHP Message Board for each chapter to get assistance. Each participant receives a Boston PHP Certificate of Completion upon finishing all chapters and all assignments.

  1. Become a BostonPHP member. Register for HTML5 Brunch.  Simply RSVP: Yes
  2. Purchase a book (the only program cost).  Simply visit the Boston PHP store and order HTML5 Digital Classroom in one of two formats. And get started!

So come join this very popular Boston Meetup group, and take the HTML5 plunge, it’ll be fun. And it’s Free!