2010 Resolution #4 – Make an iPhone App this year

O"Reilly Online TrainingIphone apps online course
I found out today that O’Reilly is partnering with CreativeTechs.com (who offer other FREE online courses) to do a FREE 4 Week Online Course called “Learn to Build iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript” . Don’t Miss it!

January 5th thru February 2nd on Tuesdays 11am (PST). Each session is 90-120 minutes in length.

What you can learn is:

  • Build working web apps for the iPhone, using HTML and CSS web standards
  • Learn what a mobile web app is and how it differs from a native iPhone app
  • Create gestures and animation using JavaScript and the iUI and jQTouch libraries
  • Integrate your web app with several iPhone features
  • Build simple native iPhone apps using the TapLynx library-without programming!
  • Learn how to build on your newfound iPhone web app development skills

The TapLynx library is free to download and create an app but when the app is finally ready to go to the iPhone App Store – you do have to pay a TapLynx liscense fee of $599.

Will this make learning Cocoa obsolete (which is what I was going to do) and take food out iPhone developers’ mouths? Well, you gottta check it out – I am!

Who does TapLynx’s say their framework is for?
Agencies & Designers : Create beautiful, dynamic apps without writing code. Developers: Create apps quickly and extend with your custom features. Many iPhone App developers have seen rapid iPhone App Approval. For a possible new device for 2010: The Apple Tablet would be the perfect device for TapLynx Apps.